Project | ha : hu : : 

While teaching my children Amharic, a semetic language widely spoken in Ethiopia, it became evident that there is a lack of appropriate learning materials that are suitable for beginners and small children. There is a deficit in the market for educational products that are good quality, interesting and engaging. This initiated project ha : hu : : (Ha Hu translates or is equivalent to ABC).

| ha : hu : : | is an Amharic/Ge’ez alphabet learning game currently under construction. The game is designed to simplify and make language learning enjoyable. 

Project Update:
- 21 February 2020 | project idea, Gamify Language Learning, pitched and team assembled at the first multilingual Hackathon organised by SWI.
- Click to watch all presentations.
- 22 February 2020 | team ha hu presented the final result of the Hackathon.
- Watch the first prototype of the app being used by children. 

                                               ... update coming soon ...