In 2013 more than 45 million people have been forced to leave their homes. This amounts to the biggest number of refugees for 14 years. Poverty, lack of economic opportunities and political persecution contribute to their decision to assume the life of a precarious migrant. Their dangerous journeys crossing several borders without legal identity exposes them to reckless human trafficking that often ends up in extortion, slavery, hunger and starvation – have rarely been documented so far. Their voice is hardly heard even though a lot is being talked and written about them.

This project that started as a master thesis research, compromises of sketches drawn by survivors mostly originating from the Horn of Africa who were willing to recount back their experiences. Each drawing is accompanied by a descriptive text (for the security of the people involved, these descriptive texts are shared only after direct inquiry). In a close collaboration with ATD Vierte Welt, the sketches have been exhibited in several venues in Switzerland. The Rote Fabrik & Predigerkirche in Zurich, LivrEchange in Fribourg and Grosse Halle in Bern are some to list a few. Back to project slide view