App Developed By | 
Ha Hu, AG 

Development Team:

Nigist Goytom

Jiang Shan

Bob Li

Xiang Jian


Project | ha : hu : : 

While teaching my children Amharic, a semetic language widely spoken in Ethiopia, it became evident that there is a lack of appropriate learning materials that are suitable for beginners and small children. There is a deficit in the market for educational products that are good quality, interesting and engaging. This initiated project ha : hu : : (Ha Hu translates or is equivalent to ABC).

| ha : hu : : | is an Amharic/Ge’ez alphabet learning game currently under construction. The game is designed to simplify and make language learning enjoyable for beginners and children alike. 

Project Update:
- 21 February 2020 | project idea, Gamify Language Learning, pitched and team assembled at the first multilingual Hackathon organised by SWI.
- Click to watch all presentations.
- 22 February 2020 | team ha hu presented the final result of the Hackathon.
- Watch the first prototype of the app being used by children. 
- June 2020, fully functioning prototype completed.
- July 2020, Prototype will be evaluated by closed group of individuals.
- August 2020, all graphic and audio content designed and uploaded to game (Nigist Goytom). It took up to 2000 separate graphic elements to illustrate all elements needed to make the game functional for all 278 main alphabets and 34 levels of the game.
- October - December 2020, Alphabet game is scheduled to be fully finished and launch for IOS and Android devices.
- Our FREE Amharic App is successfully launched on schedule and is now available for both android and IOS devises.