- 2012 graduated in Architecture from EIABC, (Ethiopian Institution of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development) Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.  
- 2012-2013 Arti Achitettura Città, masters University of Roma Tre, Italy.
- 2013-2014 Internship at Birchmeier UhlmannRabinovich architects. 
- 2014-2015 Research assistant at the chair of Architecture and Construction, ETH Zurich until August 2015.
- 2016-2017 Freelance | contractual projects
                             -Weconnex Ag
​                             -Hess Travel Ethiopia
                             -Blättler Architekten Ag
                             -Project Traveller
2018-2019 Blättler Architeketen Ag
- 2020 Project Ha Hu | Build an Ge'ez based language learning App for 
children and beginners. Ha Hu Amharic App

Nigist G. Goytom

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